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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  October 9, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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symptoms of alcohol,j÷ intoxication. >> and thatp man claim to be the 4rj]ñ witnesses say the driver was a mançxd with long dread locks. there is the debris still there. police still looking for other occupant of the car trying to determine if he was the driver. in the meantime at last word, both women who were seriously injured in this accident are still in serious condition.çó at a walnut creek hospital. the boy suffered only minor injuries we're told he's the son of a crossing guard out here because he was on break from school in oakley. and today is his birthday. >> there is in san francisco city hall, the board of supervisors meeting to decide the fate of ross mirkarimi. >> you're looking at a live picture from our cell 7 camera. hundreds have turned out to be
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a -- for a public comment session. >> supporters held a rally on the front steps of city hall. the boardq is expected to decide whether to up hol,m the edgics commission recommendation to remove him from the job, supporters say it was politically motivated. >> i realized this was a tacticñi amongo othersb includig a suspension without pay that became a weapon to try to break>ok our spirits so we'd wak away fromxdxd being sheriff. >> and now, a abc 7 news reporter vick slee at city skmaul will bring updates as soon as they become available. >> president obama is in ohio fresh off a fund raising trip to san francisco, urging students at ohiolp statenot
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university to get out the vote directing them to buses to give them rides to early voting locj9s. today is the deadline to register to vote in ohio. there is a poll showing the president's lead narrowing in key states. he holds a 51 to 40% among likely voters right now. there is a look at how much money he raised and latest on mitt romney's campaign coming up. >> and the tightening race is adding more pressure on this vice president's debate between paul ryan and joe biden, you can watch life here thursday, start agent 6:00. >> and happening now, number pechl sickened by a deadly meningitis outbreak reached 119. >> the cdc said new jersey has reported at least one illness from meningitis. a tainted batch of shots produced by a specialty pharmacy is to blame for this
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outbreak. a lawmaker from that state launched a congressional investigation into the company that manufactured this drug. >> four california clinics on the list of medical centers receiving steroids located in encino, palmdale and visalia. the surgery center says four patients were treated after back pain, but none of the cases have been fatal. >> there is a huge explosion and a sound of 100 canisters of ether. it was found yesterday by a cleaning crew. because of the volatility, the sheriff department decided it was safer just to blow it up rather than tro try to move it. sheriff officials say it was package ndz 1957, and belonged to a long forgoten batch of disaster supplies. stored at the fair grounds for
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decade autos happening now, closure for victims of penn state coach jerry sandusky. >> a judge handed down what amounts to a life sentence this morning. he will spend 30-80 years in prison for sexually abusing 10 boys. here is the attorney for one accuser. >> when the sentence was handed down, he was very emotional. and this is plain to see what a kaj thartic moment waits for him. >> his defense attorney says he will appeal, his security will be likely an issue. authorities decide where to place him. his crimes will make him a target for other inmates. >> and oakland police are investing -- investigating a double homicide. two men found shot dead in west oakland at 10:00 last night. near martin luther king school. the killings bring the homicide total to 97.
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fbi is working with hercules police to track down a killer, part of the investigation, the husband of the 55-year-old suzy ko may return home to help investigators decide if anything is missing. ko was found shot to death friday. investigators looking for a blue outback missing from the garage police looking for a man that tried to kidnap a boy. police say the man drove up next to an 11-year-old boy the man repeatedly ordered this boy into the vehicle but the boy refused and ran to a nearly home and calmed 911. he's okay. açç search continues forq a missing yosemite p1rworker last seen saturday morning walking in the park. she never showed up for work sunday, her parents say she often hiked up to 25 miles a day. garcia has been found taken to a local hospital now for evaluation.ñr
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çoy now in the bay for two sea lion that's need help. >> abc 7 news is live where this is happening. >> this is the res you just included momentszv ago, there is small drama here in san francisco. everyl/y knows sea lion buzz there are are two of themso! entangled in packing material and a team ofç a half dozenym most of theç day trying to rescue them thatt( began around 11:00 this morning and÷ú usually wñúym see.47t7q÷ú animalsñ"gññig on the dock here. the fact tourist attraction is more than that. one sea lions swam out to seaç and has not returned but the team was more successful with the second and that made it easier, they'll get the plastic off of it. and there is more on that plastic.
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>> these guys are curious. they know it and get it on like a caller and this stays on. they wear it and grow into it. the lesson is... the part of the reason why they went through this trouble is that we did this. this trash came from people z in the ocean here, there is no doubt we had something to do with that. >> the center tells us the sea lion described these as being fairly common at this time of the year due to the large number of sea lions in the bay. as for the second there is one that they're hoping returns to the dock. we may see what happened here today all over again.
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>> wayne, thank you. homeowners in oakland inlp for danger of losing their homes to foreclosure. >> this has beenv:zv unbelievabe disaster to see so many people lose their homes. because that, again, is the pathway of sinking the american dream in this country. >> underwater homeowners willú be able to see home from -- help with several groups in the city. and oakland has been hard hit by the crisis. the city estimates one in seven homeowners flatlands received a default notice on the mart within five year autos hopes are high and there is a lot of excitement now in oakland. there is tigers here for game three. >> abc 7 news is live with fans kerm determined to cheer a's to victory. >> this is where two hours
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from the first pitch. and there is one last warm up for the field. a's have their backs against the wall. fans started in the coliseum parking lot. the mood is festive. seven months of heart and soul. coolers, kbrils and green, gold, white fever. >> fans say the a's are fighters and they won three straight games to take the division title. nick smith abc 7 news. >> the giants also fighting for their season now in cincinnati. if they lose, they're out of the playoffs. before the game the manager addressed why the team scored
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two runs in two games athere is a team with a good pitching. you know? expect to score a lot of runs and you stril to score runs. we understand that. there no reason to why, have you to look at the pitch and right now, the game is in the bottom of the 4th inning. >> the a's first niche a couple hours, will it be a nice night for baseball in oakland? >> looks like it will be. there is satellite radar image together. you can see there is some pockets of shower activity. showers about 21 miles off the coastline. there is a area of low pressure moving north and then away from the bay area. so there is always tomorrow,
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partly cloudy skies and temperatures mid-50s to upper 60s, will be cool with lows ranging from 46 to 54 there is partly cloudy skies must have much of the bay area, there is a chance of showers southwest of san jose from santa cruz mountains south, we can expect isolated showers and there is a chance and it will be mild with temperatures from low 60s on the coast to low 70s inland. >> and plus, dancing with the stars coming up getting a pop star guest judge. we'll have the story as we continue. >> and many tech giants choose to make san francisco their home, now there are suggestions for city leaders, ahead in our after the bell report. >> also here let's take a look at traffic this tuesday,
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traffic heading to the bay bridge is slow that, is what we'd expect at this time
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to earth cancelledç his 23p÷que
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2003 crossing the english channel. and he has base jump frtd tallest building in the world. importantly hived to tell about it. >> new research out of uc berkeley says a little flirting never hurt flynn and can help a woman get ahead at work. the researchers say it signal as tractive qualities such as confidence. women who said they used more social charm were rated more effective at the task. the men who said they used more social charm was not regarded as successful. researchers found salesman were more likely to give a discount to female customers if they flirted.
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>> good news for hulu subscribeors and lawmakers calling two tech giants a sick ti threat. >> good afternoon there is a day after the house intelligence committee called two chinese companies national security threats the economy plans to turn over evidence to the fbi for an investigation. we're learning that cisco ended its relationship with bp over concerns it may be selling u.s. parts to irean, however they're going quietly. the companies are both deny wrong doing and saying the report was rigged. the chinese government is getting into the fray calling it groundless and warning that the move could undermine cooperation between the united states and china. a lot of tech titans have chosen to make san francisco their home and now, a few of
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them appearing in a new video urging stoit fix the long lines and for other problems take a listen. >> san francisco is the innovation capitol of the world and of this, and this and this. and this and this would with awesome to use technology to fix the problems they face every day. let's give it a shot. >> this includes twitter co-founder and air b and bceo and some other folks. they urge the city to fix problems of lack of wifi hot spots and making it easier to get a bus or a cab and this is to promotes his campaign, one of the hottest ipos is heating up, workday is boosting a price range for stock sales. now plans on selling $22
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million shares at 24ses today $26 a piece down from from the earlier price range. that comes after there were strong debuts. as for markets stocks dropped after the international monetary fund cut estimates for global growth. shares of intel dragging this index down. and there is hulu plus adding nickelodeon, they'll be able to watch nickelodeon shows like sponge bob square pants. and this will be online three weeks after airing on tv. it will go through an expansion to an existing deal in which hulu air shows from comedy central and other viacomm channels.
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back to you. >> thank you. >> and let's talk about the weather oor areas of clouds and there is shower activity off shore, it's getting closer and closer. there is towards mount diablo you can see cloud build ups there that is indicating sunny skies, there are pockets of precipitation off shore, let's go to live doppler 7 hd. you can see areas of light shower activity off the coastline about 40 miles off shore moving away from us. so looks like remainder of the afternoon and evening there is a chour tomorrow, temperatures 64 degrees in san francisco. 70s across the bay in oakland, low 70s in inland east bay
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locations and these are the forecast fee furz mostly cloudy overnight into morning. there is a chance of showers tomorrow, and mainly into southern part of the viewing area from about san jose south ward. and south of san jose. there is a tonight lows into low 50s and we'll see mid to upper 40s in parts of the north bay valleys and cooler than other regions around the bay area, we'll see low clouds moving in inland and across the bay. there is a story of chance of showers upper level lows off shore beginning to dive south ward, forecast starts at 7:00 this evening, we'll see that low with this wrap around circulation bringing scattered showers possibly into areas south of san jose tomorrow and as it moves on thursday, moving inland into the southern part of the state there could produce snow and there is parts of the central
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and southern sierra. bay area tomorrow there is an area of showers over santa cruz mountains and looking here around the south bay tomorrow there are low temperatures into upper 60s to low 70s, and there is 70s in san jose. partly cloudy skies, temperatures into mid to upper 60s close to 70. low 60s on the coast. downtown san francisco, partly sunny skies partly cloudy skies tlchl is a high of 64 tomorrow highs upper 60s to low 0s there is lots of sunshine tomorrow into east bay. inland east bay highs into low to mid-70s and there is the accu-weather forecast. a slight chance of showers into the southern part of the viewing area tomorrow, then drying out areas by thursday, warming trend beginning friday. take a look at the weekend, sunday there is monday, tuesday, highs into 80s and there is a people taking a chance there is renee h and
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j.a.entered through our face book page. the winner announced october 18th. you, too, can enter go to and click the button, that will take you to this page where you can fill out the form and we'll announce the winner, a happy winner, october 8th after the game which will be here on abc 7. >> there is a winner. >> kim kardashian trance formed into a comic book character what. is the story? we'll tell you as we continue. >> christina aguilera making a big announcement. coming up why the singer brought the press together today. >> and taking a look at traffic, you can see slow going for cars making their way through the maze there. especially low for drivers
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heading east on 80 and tricky for folks on the right side of the screen as well. stay with us.
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paula abdul takes a step back to the judging table. lady gaga is sick on stage. >> and there is a lot going
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on. >> yes. >> this is a big day in the world of muse yirks nominee as announced for american music awards. christina aguilera revealed a list of nominees this morning and they both lead with four nominations each. >> this is fun and it's all, celebration of what we love to do. that is music. that is create activity. and applauding and appreciating each other. i'm so excited to have been here to announce nominees. >> and for artist of the year are rihanna, drake, katy perry and justin beeber. amas air november 18th here on abc. last year, lady gaga up for artist of the year and there is a vomiting on stage at her concert just like justin
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beiber did. on twitter wrote was praying nobody saw but it's a good laugh if you need one. now, to tv personality paula abdul joining "dancing with the stars" as a guest judge, will be on the panel next monday night. but first, catch this week's show tonight at 8:00. and i'm tony cabrerra in los angeles. >> kim kardashian's rocky love life is the subject of a comic book mark shah piero authored 15 minutes kim kardashian. and the publisher printed graphic novels about britney spears, justin beib re. z president ob yaum. >> taking a look at what is going on with prices at the pump. >> skyrocketing prices cautioning a resolve at the pump. consumers angry. the republican party trying to turn it into a campaign issue.
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i'll have a live report coming up. and the president counting his fund raising cash after a light in the bayer. >> a cancer patient says she was humiliated at the
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california republicans doing a bit of fund raising putting out an appeal today blaming the president for ininaction over the spice in gas prices. average price is $4.74. and there is where abc 7 news is ef live for us tonight. >> you can imagine, gas prices are high, running about 49 cents a gallon higher, you can understand at the pump when people are complaining. california g.o.p. seizing this situation to raise money for candidates there are customers are shocked. >> i got it $3.97. now, it's up and it's a lot. >> triple a cites a power
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outage in a refinery last week as one reason. along with low inventory tied to this month's switch over from summer to winter gas formulas. the california republican party turning fuel prices into a political issue. and this appealed for a donation to let g.o.p. candidates in this e mail blast displaying pump prices. jackie james identified herself a republican however, she snot able to make a contribution. >> do you think either can do anything about the prices? >> no. >> and this resonated with this customer. >> would you be willing to donate for gas prices? >> yes. yeah. >> $5? $10? >> yes. $5. >> this democrat says she won't be supporting g.o.p. fund raising efforts. >> i think that this is about getting rid of
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problems -- programs so no. no. >> fatigue for paying over $5 may disyip pait seen. triple a says prices should be dropping but pump price shock has left many consumers stunned and strapped. >> i'm just tired of seeing high prices for gas, man this, is ridiculous. $4.49? >> california g.o.p. has a window to make it a political issue. pump prices here in california are the highest in the country. and the lowest spris in south carolina where a gallon will cost $1.22 less. >> that is it, i'm leaving for south carolina tonight. if you're looking to find cheapest gas in town, we can help. there is a link at the top of our home page right there four. >> president obama left san
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francisco this morning with millions of cash and went directly to ohio. he's likely to need money to buy campaign ads in that sought-after swing state. sheer abc 7 news vic lee on the president's take and take off, today. >> the president left san francisco aboard air force 1 with his coffers filled with cash. his 12th visit to the city and another brief trip. >> this is going to swing states, california has become a banking state. if you look at where the most money has come for romney, california is number one. >> this man with a round table for 25 wealthy donors, then, the president met with 900 people who paid to have dinner with him.
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outside, 100 people staged protests against policies ranging from use of drones in pakistan to a crack down on marijuana. >> i love you back. thank you everybody. >> and this president ended the day and tickets started at $200 per person. he al you'ded to his debate last week with nominee mitt romney. >> there is a a punch of people saying don't be so polite. don't be so nice. and but i want everybody to understand something. what is being presented wasn't leadership. it's salesmanship. and... we cannot afford
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another round of tax cuts for wealthy. >> he raised $3 million from his previous trips here and may need all of the money he can get and this visit came on the day the pew foundation released a survey showing romney leading him by three points. this next stop, ojai yes. >> mitt romney stepped up his attacks against president obama in iowa today and this rallied supporters at an event. >> we're going to do this together and take back this country. we're going to keep it strong and get america going again. you guys, iowa is going to help elect me the next president of the united states. >> this mentioned has
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reenergized this campaign. the vice presidential candidates debate this thursday at 6:00. >> there is a dying woman's trip to hawaii took a terrible turn. a pat down left her distraught. she's dying of leukemia making what she calls an end of life trip to hawaii. she said screeners at sea-tac airport denied a request for a private pat down then made her lift her shirt and pull back bandages from surnlry autos when someone wants to take a trip what i call end of life trip to see family and friends then this becomes more important than just taking a trip. >> tsa says officers are trained to perform pat downs in a dignified manner and passengers can request a private screening. the agency is looking into
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what happened at sea-tac airport. >> and there is a look at why doctors are prescribing adhd medications to children and researchers found a way owe get the most out of every step. >> there is a look at leaf blowers coming up. >> we can see clouds and will there be a shower? i'll have the accu-weather forecast coming up. >> and take a look at the golden gate bridge. traffic moving nicely in both directions. there is
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checking healthy living news, drugs used to treat adhd reportedly being given to children not to treat the disorder but help them to do better in school. there was a profile of the children and the doctor says prescribing the drug, which boosts focus and internal control is a simple solution saying it's less expensive to modify the child than the child's environment, critics blasting this saying doctors are exposing children to unwarranted risks. >> there is a new study
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finding walking with cut your risk of heart disease and stroke by 50% but you have to step it up suggesting exercise intensity rather than duration matters that can help lower blood pressure and bring sugar levels down relose deucing belly fat. fast walking cut the risk 50%. jogging by 40%, going for a walk each day for an hour did not make a difference. >> and well, run, walk, whatever you want to do outside, nice weather out there. let's touch base with spencer christian. >> nice day and we've seen cloud build ups that the time lapse view there is mainly dry today and that could trigger instability tomorrow there is a dry day and snow in northern
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minnesota there is precipitation as well down mere the central coast around big sur moving inland towards fles know. maybe snow by thursday there are higher elevations and there is a mainly sunny day north of the south bay. there is some lick lingering clouds and scattered showers over the santa cruz mountains and areas south ward and eastward and there is high temperatures from mid 60 s near the coast to low to mid-70s inland there. is a chance of showers mainly south of san jose over santa cruz mountains and and thank you very much owe a woman know what is cool online is a new must be member of our team at 4:00. >> she hosts a you tube show
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what's trending. >> the huffington post says she's one of the women on twitter to follow. >> there is a look at the most essential you tube videos there is west london and local stags can get territoryible. up next the family of the sargeant is being honored in university of south carolina gamecocks game they got a special surprise. this is over the roar of the crowd. the family had just seen their dad give a video greet together stadium. there he is. there i dare to you get
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through this without crying and there is it seems it has been a bad boy. and there is another top video, see you next time, bay area. >> when you get fast food, it's not always fast. speed and quality were put to the service. a restaurant with the best service ahead. >> as fall that means time for to us take care of our fallen lead. coming up leaf blowers that might save you bucks. >> into abc 7 newsroom a school district comes up with a way to tackle bullying. a program centered around lunch z sesame street with a bone to pick with president obama. what they're askin
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it's close. >> the game is at the top of the 7th now and there is where we want to help you share your team spirit. just go to our face book page
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and click on go giants and a's right there on the home page. >> and there are three choices for giants fans and three for a's fans. >> there are a couple options for fans, too. check it out. >> there is fall coming up here, but with it come falling leaves. >> interest there are tests on leaf blower autos dozens of leaf blowers put to the test that can tell you which save you the most work and which, the most money. >> tired of raking leaves? experts at consumer reports found the best leaf blowers let you sweep them with ease there are tests showing choices put power before
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pizazz. don't be fooled for this info meshl. this looks like it has what it takes to keep a smaller piece of report well manicured. >> there is a powerful vac. >> it is a great concept. our testing showed it does none well. instead, consider this plug in model 51599. it's top rated and a consumer reports best buy for $70 this, is very good at sweeping and extremely easy to use. and for added mobility they pack power without cord. consumer reports recommends the still model for $150. it combines leaf blowing and
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easy handling. if there is a large piece of property there is a backpack blower making it easier. >> it's more expensive but you'll find convenience worth the money. >> this is low-priced backpack blower for $250 that is a solid performer. consumer reports says if you're thinking about getting a backpack blower consider spending more for model 150 bt, it delivers more ommph. and it's quieter, too. >> there is if you need fast food, fast a study says go to wendy's. there is a grade on six restaurants found it had fastest service completing drive through orders two minutes and 10 seconds.
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and chick-fil-a getting orders right 92% of the time. and says burger king had lowest scores in accuracy and speed. >> just ahead video of a dog we've got share with you. coming up a pooch with a sneezing problem. could this be allergies. >> one man found himself on a journey to find a writer of a
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that dog is sneezing. his owner posted this video. she says the sneezing is nothing serious, he's quite sensitive to black pepper, why is it on her couch? a texas family had vigilant
4:56 pm
firefighters to thank for saving the live of their dog. take a look at this cell phone video of a firefighter carrying the dog from the burning home, crews worked using oxygen masks for pets to try to resuscitate her. efforts paid off and we understand they went through five bottles of oxygen about the same as to humans and unfortunately the family cat did not survive this fire. and firefighters were pleased they can save leah saying most humans swront made it out alive. oakland man got more than he bargained for. he went on a hike with his grandson. the 69-year-old found this note inside of a film canister left there on a 12,000 foot peak by a 13-year-old boy named tim tailor in 1972
4:57 pm
instructing the finder to contact him in his l.a. address. tim long since moved away. he contacted a southern california newspaper, they ran a story on the note. and a friend of tailor's spotted the article then contacted him. tailor was stunned. >> he just walked out to his driveway, picked up a paper, there i was. >> tim you're not going believe this, you're in the paper for a note you left 40 years ago on some mountain top in the sierra. >> tim taylor is now a judge. he spoke with larry wright over the weekend and we'll hear more from wright on abc 7 news at 6:00 including what he plans to do with the note. thanks for joining us for abc 7 news at 4:00. abc 7 news at 5:00 continues right now. >> a man with a warrant for his arrest and a role in a car accident that injured three people. >> and there is a strong show
4:58 pm
of support for san francisco's suspended sheriff. the supervisors meet inside to decide his fate. >> there is a close eye on moisture just off the coastline. there is lightning strikes showing up as well who. has the best chance of seeing showers. >> good evening, tonight police are looking for a man involved in a car crash that injured three people, including a child. >> police say that speeding suv ran a light and hit the victims on delta fair boulevard. abc 7 news is live near the scene. there is a crossing guard and another woman in serious condition in a hospital. her son was with his mom, we're told because he was off
4:59 pm
from school in oakley. and police also told us that it was his birthday. >> they went tliing -- flying through the air. terrible. >> and witnesses say they didn't have a chance as a speeding audi approached. >> i hear the audi very loud. and trying to run a red light, hit the curve. plowing into them. >> police say the small suv was going 60 miles per hour heading into the intersection. >> this guy flying down the street. and there is a car in the middle. he hit the people. and there is a little boy, just flying. >> the crossing guard and parent both struck. the crossing guard's 11-year-old son had less serious injuries. witnesses say two men ran from the area. >> i happe


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